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PCJ HOLDING and all of its subsidiaries and commercial entities operate 11 websites, 6 of which are exclusively dedicated to the sale of our brands' products, and 4 other sites selling international branded products as well as clothing made by independent Fashion Designers, and a competition site to showcase the fashion industry.

is our fashion competition site whose primary objective is to promote fashion and haute-couture talents. The Grand Winner wins a bonus and is offered a contract with our high-end and haute-couture subsidiary; the other participants are not left out either and are offered necessary support to make the most of our e-commerce services.

is an e-commerce site of clothing articles for Women, Men, Children and Teenagers for European customers between 2 and 40 years old. It also offers a wide enough range of beauty items and accessories (including handbags, sunglasses...) to suit all occasions.

is our second e-commerce site selling clothing, accessories, and beauty items for a North American clientele between 2 and 40 years old. This site is suitable for a clientele looking for clothing items and accessories with a good quality/price ratio.

is our online store for men's clothing. Teenagers and young adults (16 to 20 years old) as well as mature men (20 to 35 years old). The gentlemen will find, on this site, suits, t-shirts, and other male clothing items as well as accessories such as belts and gloves, jeans dedicated to them.

is a website selling clothing items exclusively to a clientele of teenage girls and young adult women (between 16 and 20 years old) and mature women (between 21 and 40 years old). Our female clientele will obviously find clothes such as dresses or shoes, but also accessories such as scarves or jewelery.

Today, our company continues its ascent and exploits the assets of its teams as well as its shareholders by creating six(6) websites to sell our brands' products:

is a line of clothing brand for teenagers and young adults between 12 and 25 years old. These clothes made by our designers aim to satisfy a trendy clientele wanting to have high quality items following the current trends.

is one of our luxury brands targeting a European clientele of women and men (21 to 45 years old) looking for good quality clothing items for their professional& personal needs. They will find good quality suits made by our designers, but also shoes, ties, and other accessories for their clothing needs.

our second luxury brand aims at providing to a demanding and attention to details clientele all its clothing and accessories needs on the North American continent.

is a brand for a demanding clientele looking for very high-quality custom-made products. Some of our best Fashion Designers make these products that require extensive knowledge in high end fashion. Our luxury lines provide high quality products, sustainable fashion sources that respect our environment and human decency.

It is a clothing line streetwear brand, hip pop style, rock n roll and biker trends for all audiences (Women, Men, Children and Teenagers) from 14 to 26 years old. This site is made for a particular clientele looking for the above described styles and trends to remain casual, while identifying themselves with these outfits. Most of these youngsters, while searching for a very specific look, they want to wear good quality products that would last. This site also offers accessories associated with this Hip-Hop culture such as caps or jewelry.

is our high end casual brand in terms of affordability with a clientele that wants to wear the JC brand. It provides a collection containing practically everything from pants, shirts, jeans, shorts and shoes, underwear, jackets, and accessories for men, skirts, blouse, top, jeans, shorts, shoes, underpants, jackets, and accessories for women. Those who want to wear JC Broadway Collection will also find the same articles as described above for teenagers ranging from 13-18 years old.