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Fashion Designer Competition Program

Fashion Designer Competition Program

Our “Best Designer contest” is a competition scheduled to begin in the summer 2021 in 17 countries, thereby covering three (3) continents simultaneously. We had planned to organize this competition in the summer 2020; however, with Covid-19, we were forced to shut down our operations and postpone it due to social distancing measures. The organizing countries, identified below with their flag, will each have an opportunity to nominate their finalists and send them to a grand finale to be held in that country where one designer will win the ultimate prize of US$100,000 and a contract to work for our international fashion house with an annual salary of US$100,000.

With « Best Designer Contest” we want to highlight dressmakers and fashion designers of all the participating countries and give them the international exposure which they deserve. Far too long, men and women in the industry; especially those behind the scene, those who make it happen for the brands, have remained anonymous, invisible so that the labels can supersede.

This competition will give us an opportunity to lift the men and women in the industry up to the level of recognition which so many of them have long for. This collective challenge was created for them, will be with and about them. Most importantly, The objective of "Best Designer Contest” is designed to introducing all participants, regardless of their rank in the competition, to entrepreneurship and international exposure as our five (4) e-commerce sites are prepared to sell their creations all over the world on their behalf as well as our competition site organizing an event each year to complement their visibility and fame. This is an unprecedented move on our part to benefit all participants of the competition and members of our fashion designers’ network. With our sites being present in 22 countries and 12 different languages, there are no other platforms or sites out there on the market that have done this before.

With Covid-19 affecting us globally; more importantly, the garment and fashion industry, we saw thousands of fashion designers and professionals in the field come forward, and in some cases, sacrificed themselves, to provide for their communities by mass producing needed masks to mitigate the damages of the pandemic. While retaining the idea that the virus is not yet "under control"; today in the world, we cannot ignore the fact that without those masks, we could have had more than 30 million cases and 1,000,000 deaths, had not those masks been produced rapidly. The Group PCJ Marketing & Webmedia communication Company, together with its subsidiaries and business units PCJ Holding, has decided to take the lead with a major contribution for seamstresses, tailors, and fashion professionals.

A contribution of US$25,000,000 is set up to support Fashion Designers in our e-commerce program and our Best Designer Contest:

- US$10,000,000 is allocated as a grant for any man or woman wishing to participate in our Best Designer Contest to be held in the summer of 2021. This subsidy will allow a maximum of participants to benefit from a half-price registration, i.e. US$200.00 instead of USD$400.00. Since the competition will be held simultaneously in 17 countries, and as participants register, we will use this subsidy until funds are depleted. All participants, whether they receive a grant or not, will have an equal opportunity to win the Grand Prize Winner of US$100,000 per country (17).

- US$15,000,000 is allocated as a grant to allow fashion designers from the 17 countries involved in the competition, as well as those who do not wish to participate to have equal access to one of our four (4) e-commerce sites to sell their products to the world. All women and men, participating in the competition or not, will be offered the first three (3) months of membership on one of our four (4) e-commerce sites (a maximum amount of US$1,200.00). Again, we will use this subsidy for its purpose until funds are depleted.

We would like to remind all those interested, that the 6 websites, including the competition site will benefit a worldwide visibility as each one is present on all social networks (FB, Tweeter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest); a marketing campaign, webmarketing and digital communication, without mentioning videos on YouTube to feature our brands as well as the products made by the Fashion Designers

You want to find out more? Check out the site itself: Best Designer Contest