Sustainable approach

Social impact and greater respect for the environment are among the priorities of Feminine Trends . Transparency and a thorough management of our supply chain are among the actions that Feminine Trends puts in place to achieve its objectives in terms of sustainable development, waste reduction, reduction of energy consumption... Without forgetting tha t Feminine Trends promotes diversity within its company and fights against all forms of discrimination and racism. Everyone working for us are treated equally regardless of their origin, gender, sexuality... We firmly believe that these actions will cre ate an ideal atmosphere for all our employees to flourish, as well as respond to environmental protection issues through better management of our resources and reduction of our waste.

Our objectives in terms of sustainable development

Energy Consumption: Reduction of energy consumption, preventive actions for our employees (IT equipment, etc.).

Waste recycling: Reaching the target of 75% recycled waste by 2025

Sustainable products: Highlighting and promotion of sustainable development products through appropriate marking.

Chemical product: Establishment of a list of chemical substances to be reduced and/or banned from our products for a better respect of the environment and our customers.

Transparency : Working with our suppliers and our Fashion Designe rs to select raw materials and products that respect our environment.

Diversity: Equal treatment of all employees and future employees regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, etc.


Feminine Trends is committed to selling on its e - commerce site products that respect the environment, human rights and working conditions. It therefore undertakes to prohibit the sale on its site of any brand using child labour, having in its products conflict diamonds, resulting from forced labour... We are working on tracing our products, from the purchase of raw materials to their arrival on our e - commerce site, which allows us to identify the strong points of our practices and the points that we need to improve in o rder to achieve our objectives, particularly in terms of environmental performance.

What we expect from our suppliers

In line with the approach that Feminine Trends is putting in place within its company, it asks that its suppliers respect the same principles in terms of respect for the environment, respect for human rights and working conditions.

Prohibition of forced labour

We pay attention to ensuring that h uman rights and workers' rights are respected, not only by our offices and workshops but also by all our suppliers. Feminine Trends therefore prohibits any supply of products or raw materials from suppliers who do not respect human rights and fair working conditions. We also prohibit our suppliers from sourcing raw materials and products that violate international conventions on forced labour.
Furthermore, Feminine Trends is committed to treating all employees equally and fairly and is committed to respec ting Human Rights.
- No bribery to get a job will be tolerated in our company.
- All our employees are informed about the basic conditions of the position they will hold in our company.

Minerals of War

Feminine Trends also prohibits the supply and use of " War Minerals" in the products we sell on our e - commerce site. In accordance with the provisions of the Dodd - Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act article 1502, Feminine Trends undertakes not to use or purchase any products containing miner als that may finance armed groups committing human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and bordering countries. Feminine Trends therefore requests that its suppliers cooperate and procure minerals that do not contribute in any way to the financing of these armed groups. Feminine Trends will favour collaboration with suppliers with the same ethical values as our company and will reject those who do not respect our principles.

Follow-up of our suppliers

To ensure that our suppliers meet their commitments, we will provide an inspection via a third - party company that will independently inspect suppliers. These audits will be carried out unannounced and at least once a year.

Working conditions

As part of our fight against forced labor and slavery (or human trafficking), an unannounced check will be carried out in each of our offices, factories, or Feminine Trends establishments (whether in the United States or internationally). This audit covers not only compliance with applicable laws but also a series of quantitative and qualitative indicators such as: security and protection against all forms of threat (including terrorism), harassment and discrimination, etc


Reducing our environmental footprint

Our offices and workshops are in the United States and actively participate in our goal of reducing our environmental footprint in collaboration with all our suppliers. We are working with 3 benchmarks:
- Percentage of waste recycle d or reused
- The use of energy resources (water, gas, electricity) and our objectives of reducing consumption using LED bulbs.
- Greenhouse gas emissions produced by the transportation of our goods

The packaging of our products

In the same spirit as th e measures put in place to reduce energy consumption, Feminine Trends implements the necessary measures so that the packaging used for our products and their delivery have the smallest possible environmental impact. Reducing the size of the packaging of ou r products is one of the priorities to reduce the consumption of packaging (while respecting the product that comes with it of course).


Feminine Trends implements several measures to reduce the environmental impact of the delivery process of our products to our customers. For example, we favour the grouped shipment of several products by a single truck over using several trucks carrying only a small quantity of products. Or the use of intermodal transport, with greater use of the train for long - distance transport.

Diversity and inclusion

Feminine Trends is strongly committed to the fight for diversity, against discrimination and racism. No discrimination in hiring or within our comp any will be tolerated, measures to ensure equal treatment of all are put in place to ensure the well - being of all our employees.

Our employees: Ensure that our workforce reflects the diversity of society and that each person (regardless of gender, sexualit y, origin, etc.) has equal access to positions of responsibility.

Our Clients: Every client must be treated properly, with respect for human dignity.

Marketing/Advertising: Our advertisements will reflect society as accurately as possible (in terms of gender, skin colour, etc.).