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Career Opportunities


As a multi-national retailer with offices on three continents (Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France and Argentina) and over 7,000 employees worldwide, PCJ Holding, a subsidiary of PCJ Marketing & Web media Communication Company (Parent Company) is continuously looking for experienced, creative, talented and promising individuals to integrate its growing personnel staff wherever they may be. We are a fashion house with the management of 10 online clothing stores and a competition site; therefore, we do have lots of job opportunities that range from office coordinators to full-scale artistic directors to supervise our workshops and prep our models before many fashion shows.

We had begun organizing last year in 12 different countries (prior to Covid-19 and have stopped all operations and coordination in May due to social distancing measures) as a new venture. The “Best Designer Contest” that has been postponed to summer 2021. It is without saying that the number of events requires a great deal of coordination and manpower to make them a success. We have numerous temporary and permanent positions related to these upcoming shows, look at our available positions and locations to better inform yourself.

The diversity of our operations creates many opportunities, ranging from careers in our offices and manufacturing facilities to positions in our New York headquarters and United Kingdom. The PCJ Holding culture is rooted in our VALUES of relationships, innovation, history, fairness, and celebration, as well as our vision to be the premiere lifestyle destination for ladies and gentlemen for every generation. We are proud to offer our Associates a fulfilling work environment, unique and special benefits, and a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Entry Opportunities

You can bring professional experience to the table and you are looking for a new challenge? PCJ HOLDING offers attractive jobs and numerous opportunities for advancement to professionals at every stage of their careers. We offer you an inspiring business environment and the opportunity to contribute your specific personal talents. No matter what industry sector you come from: we give room to reach your full potential. Experts in creative design, marketing, and IT and professionals from many other domains have found a home at PCJ HOLDING. To start out, you take part in on boarding events for new employees. We also support your first days with individual on boarding plans. And you will be assigned a mentor who will show you what it is like to work at PCJ HOLDING. View available positions

Advancement for Managers and Specialists

Your interests and desires are important to us. That is why we regularly analyze your strengths and capabilities for you, to define your personal development plan. This includes training courses that enable you to expand your knowledge. You will discuss additional goals and development steps with your superiors at regular intervals. You will have a lot of leeway in your day-to-day work to conceive creative ideas and to drive innovative solutions forward – giving you great prospects for an extraordinary career as a specialist or in management. View available positions

Entertainment and Studio productions Coordinators

One of the factors that drive employees’ spirit at PCJ Holding is our countless employment opportunities within the company, and the vision that members of our personnel have conceived for their future. We continuously encourage current employees into higher positions and more responsibilities, which is another way for us to reinforce their beliefs in themselves and challenge their potential.

To share with our customers, prospective and current employees what’s happening at work in other cities and countries, the conception of our creations, the level of satisfaction of our fashion designers, the choice of our materials, we have developed a program that produces videos of interviews, workplace, processes of fabrics, preparations of our upcoming “Best Designer Contest”, which can be viewed on our site and YouTube. View available positions


Cooperation, respect, quality, passion, and innovation – these are the values that characterize our work. The passion that we put into every process step guarantees the quality that our products are famous worldwide. When we treat each other with respect and creative collaboration, it creates a work environment in which every employee can contribute their own ideas. And when we constantly strive for innovation, we will reach our business targets and at the same time, do something for the environment, people, and society.

A guiding principle of our corporate culture: Everyone at PCJ HOLDING can and should contribute their own ideas and voice their opinions. To do so, we create a space and a work environment where everyone can contribute and unleash their creative potential. Everyone needs to demonstrate courage, spontaneity, and a willingness to take risks: what is important to us is that we learn from our mistakes quickly.


Office Management

Office Management Department Location
1 - Warehouse & Workshops Coordinator Argentina, Canada, France, UK, US
2 - E-commerce Catalogue & Data Associate Argentina, Australia, UK, US
3 - IT Specialist Australia, UK, US
4 - Senior Accountant Australia, Canada, France, UK, US
5 - Junior Accountant Argentina, Canada, France, UK, US
6 - E-commerce Operations Manager Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, UK, US
7 - Online Security Specialist Australia, UK, US
8 - System Management Specialist Australia, France, UK, US
9 - Quality Control Coordinator Argentina, Canada, France, UK, US

Fashion Collections

Fashion Collections Department Location
1 - Artistic Director Australia, UK, US
2 - Fashion Designer Argentina, Canada, France, UK, US
3 - CAD Specialist Argentina, Canada, France, UK, US
4 - Seamstress / Tailor Argentina, Canada, France, UK, US
5 - Fashion Model (contractual) Argentina, Canada, France, UK, UK

Videos & Films Productions

Videos & Films Productions Department Location
1 - Video Host Coordinator Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
2 - Fashion Model (as needed basis) Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States