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Fashion is an absolute way of self-expression, and fashion for teenagers and kids is not a new phenomenon; in fact, fashionable kids have always been around. Teen’s and Children’s fashion has come to the forefront with the advent of social media. Generation Z and today’s young parents are the driving force behind the affluence of teen and children’s fashion industry.

In the bygone times, fashion was used to be associated with privileged and sophisticated women only.But in modern society, every individual’s appearance is the ticket to transmit non-verbal communication signals about his / her social stature, standards, and lifestyle. Fashion communication has undergone a 360-degree shift for its catching aspects, starting from men's and women's fashion to teenagers and children fashion.

As an expression of their affection and feelings, parents endeavor to interpret the fashion trends for their children and adopt the clothing style that best suits their personality and traits. Children’s clothes nowadays tend to be more about replicating adult styles; the millennial parents want their kids to look “stylish." It is very common to see a mother-daughter duo donning the same outfit and looking equally gorgeous.

Parents had to pay special attention to the specific colors and prints their child could wear in the past, but such limits have been abated now. However, with the broadened range of aesthetic options, it's getting tough to choose the best one.

Teenagers are obsessed with expressing themselves through clothes and hairstyles. They showcase their personality and demonstrate how they want the world to see them with their fashion pieces preferences. But today’s younger generation’s attention is mounting towards sustainable fashion products.

The noteworthy changes have occurred in the competitive scenario in which fashion companies operate, combined with deep transformation in final consumers' lifestyles; redefinition and restructuring of the business models have become imperative.

Shopping malls with large department stores were once considered blessed shopping ground; people now prefer more personalized online virtual shopping destinations, preferably offering fast and free delivery service. The online teens and kidswear fashion market has flourished incredibly in the last decade due to emerging new online clothing retailers.

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